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The Vanishing Half From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Mothers , A Stunning New Novel About Twin Sisters, Inseparable As Children, Who Ultimately Choose To Live In Two Very Different Worlds, One Black And One White The Vignes Twin Sisters Will Always Be Identical But After Growing Up Together In A Small, Southern Black Community And Running Away At Age Sixteen, It S Not Just The Shape Of Their Daily Lives That Is Different As Adults, It S Everything Their Families, Their Communities, Their Racial Identities Ten Years Later, One Sister Lives With Her Black Daughter In The Same Southern Town She Once Tried To Escape The Other Secretly Passes For White, And Her White Husband Knows Nothing Of Her Past Still, Even Separated By So Many Miles And Just As Many Lies, The Fates Of The Twins Remain Intertwined What Will Happen To The Next Generation, When Their Own Daughters Storylines Intersect Weaving Together Multiple Strands And Generations Of This Family, From The Deep South To California, From The S To The S, Brit Bennett Produces A Story That Is At Once A Riveting, Emotional Family Story And A Brilliant Exploration Of The American History Of PassingLooking Well Beyond Issues Of Race,The Vanishing Half Considers The Lasting Influence Of The Past As It Shapes A Person S Decisions, Desires, And Expectations, And Explores Some Of The Multiple Reasons And Realms In Which People Sometimes Feel Pulled To Live As Something Other Than Their OriginsAs With Her New York Times Bestselling Debut The Mothers, Brit Bennett Offers An Engrossing Page Turner About Family And Relationships That Is Immersive And Provocative, Compassionate And Wise I LOVED THIS BOOK It s December 18, 2019 but I guarantee it will make it to my top 5 list for next year This book gave me a sense of dread, because there were so many characters who could have terrible things happen to them, and yet I read it with hope And while Bennett breaks your heart and doesn t shy away from the sadness inherent in every one of these character s lives, she left me feeling better for having met all of them Each character s story unfolds so delicately and yet so deftly, and nothing resolved the way I expected it to and yet everything made perfect sense This book is so astonishingly accomplished, and sweeping, and yet so very intimate This is incredible And DAMN is the title so perfect. There were many ways to be alienated from someone, few to actually belong.i know it looks like i m over here five starring a lot of books in a row all of a sudden, but it s not so much that i ve lucked into a run of excellent reading choices as it is me finally sitting down to review books so good it s been intimidating me to even think about reviewing them ALTHOUGH if we re being super duper honest, Blacktop Wasteland and Betty were both 4s going in but 4.5s in my heart that got bumped up to fives when rereading them for the review made me remember how dingdang good they were this one was a five out of the gate it s so good i don t even know where to start it s a family saga that takes place over the course of forty or so years, beginning in 1938 with the birth of twin sisters stella and desiree vignes in the town of mallard, louisiana a black community with an unusual beginning The idea arrived to Alphonse Decuir in 1848, as he stood in the sugarcane fields he d inherited from the father who d once owned him The father now dead, the now freed son wished to build something on those acres of land that would last for centuries to come A town for men like him, who would never be accepted as white but refused to be treated like Negroes A third place.the residents embraced their founder s dream of a perfect Negro Each generation lighter than the one before, and by the time the vignes girls his great great great granddaughters are born, his bloodline has been bleached into creamy skin, hazel eyes, and wavy hair, none of which attributes protect them from racism from seeing their father lynched in their home when they are little girls, or from race factoring into their lives and shaping their opportunities when they run away from home as teenagers they live together in new orleans for a few years before stella abruptly cuts ties with her sister and disappears into a new life that she will live as a white woman marrying a wealthy white man and raising a daughter who has no idea she s anything but white meanwhile, desiree will leave the abusive father of her own daughter and move back to mallard, her child s exceptional darkness there unexpected, unwelcome eventually, three generations of paths will cross, secrets will be discovered, everyone ll have to address their choices honestly, i don t want to blah and blah about plot i always spend way too much time on silly reviews, writing 20 page dissertations on minutiae that nobody cares about but meeeee before deleting all of it anyway and i need to stop being foolish with my time and learn to do things in miniaturized efficiency when i m not getting paid but i will say that this is a tremendous second novel after a really impressive debut and bennett writes beautifully about family and grief and identity and being deeply, unbearably lonely the loneliness of the estranged twins, the self othering loneliness isolating stella from her old life and in her new one, the loneliness of growing up dark in a colorstruck town etc etc i m doing it again so i m gonna shut myself up now because i loved every little bit of this novel and we could be here all day if i don t put a stop to it now The Mothers was good, this one is GOLD.review to come ASAP my SECOND goodreads win of 2020 this is the only good thing in the world right now.come to my blog This is a thought provoking story and a few scenes were not easy to read There s racism here, a violent incident against a man, witnessed by his young twin daughters, and trauma for one of the girls than we want to imagine This and their upbringing in a small black community in Louisiana where people believe the lighter they are the better life will be So it wasn t a surprise that when twin sisters Desiree and Stella Vignes run away at sixteen, that their futures would take them on journeys seeking their identities Although inseparable as young girls, they part ways and their chosen lives take very different paths While it s easy to connect with Desiree and the choices she makes, it s not very easy to accept how Stella has chosen to live a lie and was most of the time unlikable Yet, I was still drawn to her and felt for her, trying to understand her.While racial identity is the core of the story, there are so many other layers here with characters that the author portrays in such a way that I got a sense of who they were, even if at times they questioned their own identities The story is told from multiple points of view the sisters Desiree and Stella and later their daughters, Jude and Kennedy, each of them searching it seemed, to find their true selves It s about different kinds of relationships between sisters, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, women and the men in their lives, cousins who find each other There are other elements to the story such as spousal abuse and sexual identity Almost all of the characters found a way to my heart I found this to be such a well written story that captivated me from the first page and made me want to get to Britt Bennett s debut novel The Mothers, which has been on my list.As always I m grateful to read along with Diane and Esil I love our discussions and sharing our perspectives I received an advanced copy of this book from Riverhead Penguin through EdelweissZ So well written and so interesting I ve never read anything by Britt Bennett but this won t be my last The story focuses on twin sisters, Desiree and Stella, and their daughters, Jude and Kennedy The twins come from Mallard, Louisiana, where having light skin is greatly valued The twins skin is light enough that Stella decides to pass as white and disappears from Desiree s life in the late 1960s when they are in their early 20s The story then moves back and forth in time and from the different characters perspectives Bennett s writing is lovely, making the read smooth and engaging The structure of the story is original And the story and characters kept me interested and curious from beginning to end Can t ask for anything better in a novel especially at a time when I find it challenging to find novels that keep my attention This was a buddy read with Angela and Diane it made for interesting discussion and I suspect this one would be a great book club read Thanks to the publisher and Edelweiss for an advance copy.

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