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Exciting Times An Intimate, Bracingly Intelligent Debut Novel About A Millennial Irish Expat Who Becomes Entangled In A Love Triangle With A Male Banker And A Female LawyerAva Moved To Hong Kong To Find Happiness, But So Far, It Isn T Working Out Since She Left Dublin, She S Been Spending Her Days Teaching English To Rich Children She S Been Assigned The Grammar Classes Because She Lacks Warmth And Her Nights Avoiding Petulant Roommates In Her Cramped ApartmentWhen Ava Befriends Julian, A Witty British Banker, He Offers A Shortcut Into A Lavish Life Her Meager Salary Could Never Allow Ignoring Her Feminist Leanings And Her Better Instincts, Ava Finds Herself Moving Into Julian S Apartment, Letting Him Buy Her Clothes, And, Eventually, Striking Up A Sexual Relationship With Him When Julian S Job Takes Him Back To London, She Stays Put, Unsure Where Their Relationship StandsEnter Edith A Hong Kong Born Lawyer, Striking And Ambitious, Edith Takes Ava To The Theater And Leaves Her Tulips In The Hallway Ava Wants To Be Her And Wants Her Ava Has Been Carefully Pretending That Julian Is Nothing Than An Absentee Roommate, So When Julian Announces That He S Returning To Hong Kong, She Faces A Fork In The Road Should She Return To The Easy Compatibility Of Her Life With Julian Or Take A Leap Into The Unknown With Edith Politically Alert, Heartbreakingly Raw, And Dryly Funny, Exciting Times Is Thrillingly Attuned To The Great Freedoms And Greater Uncertainties Of Modern Love In Stylish, Uncluttered Prose, Naoise Dolan Dissects The Personal And Financial Transactions That Make Up A Life And Announces Herself As A Singular New Voice

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    I can see why Sally Rooney is endorsing this Debut novelist Naoise Dolan tells the story of 22 year old Ava who just moved from Ireland to Hongkong, trying to figure out what to do with her life She holds a poorly paid job as an English teacher and befriends Julian, a rich English banker six years her senior Lonely and broke, Ava moves in with him, Julian pays for pretty much everything and they start having sex But when Julian is sent to work in London for a few months

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    3.25 stars I felt I had hitherto woefully misdirected my energies in attempting to cultivate a personality If you didn t have one then that left room for everyone else s As with many hyped new releases Exciting Times wasn t all it was cracked up to be With so many professional reviewers hailing Exciting Times as one of the best debut novels of 2020, praising Naoise Dolan for her wit and her razor sharp social commentary, or describing her book as being a d

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    2.5 starsSo dreary definitely not exciting Exciting Times is told from Ava s perspective Ava is an Irish expat living in Hong Kong, where she teaches English The story focuses on Ava s inner tortured thoughts and feelings as she feels the pull between relationships with English expat banker Julian and local lawyer Edith Ava does all the wrong things She can t commit to the one she loves and she sticks to the one she knows treats her poorly It s well written but I have no

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    I finished Exciting Times last night and I am still trying to process my feelings about it this morning It may well be one of those books that I grow to like over time It certainly was a different take a on a love triangle that is for sure The characters in this story are not the most likeable The 3 main characters are all a bit pretentious and self absorbed It was frustrating at times Overall though the story was interesting and funny but I did want to slapped all at one

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    Armed with her freshly minted degree, Ava has left Dublin for Hong Kong in order to find herself discovers she is unemployable for anything other than teaching English in a posh school to rich kids What follows is an examination of a life in transition, of a young woman not totally sure of her place or potential, her sexual identity, or even her ability to be attractive to her peers Naoise Dolan is a writer of wit and talent with an ear for sparkling dialogue, and an abilit

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    Thanks to HarperCollins for providing me with an e ARC of this via Edelweiss Exciting Times is, in many ways, an insular novel, not unlike its main character Ava and her contracted social world It s set in Hong Kong, one of the most sprawling cities in the world, and yet the narrative does not unfurl along this sprawling landscape Instead, it occupies a very specific space, the space that Ava carves out with the two other main characters of this novel Julian

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    This book is very clever and very busy being very clever making it tiring to read but being a millennial seems pretty exhausting so perhaps it s captured a lived experience The style is detached and detaching in an interesting way but if you like sinking teeth into a narrative this is not for you I like cool detached styling, I like complex unlikeable protagonists, I like dissections of class, I like explorations of sexuality But did I like Exciting Times Not so much And damn

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    this is just really fantastic.

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    I received an eARC of this book from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed the dry and cynical main character, a bit unlikable from the way she always makes poor decisions but also relatable for it I think this would ve been a 5 star read if it had a bit emotional impact, but for most of the book the stakes felt rather low Still, I m glad to have picked this up and I m excited to see what the author writes in the future Full review at

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    I received this book from Hachette Ireland in exchange for an honest review.Ava is a young Irish woman teaching English in Hong Kong when she falls into a relationship with a wealthy English banker called Julian As Ava tries to establish what she and Julian even are to one another as she moves into his spare bedroom rent free, Julian leaves Hong Kong for six months and Ava meets Edith Edith brings something else into Ava s life but as she begins to fall in love with the Asian bo

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